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Sometimes it is hard to decide what to do with unwanted or unneeded stuff.  Over the years I have given quite a bit of stuff to Emaus.  It is convenient because they pick the stuff up from your house.


Emaus runs quite a few second hand stores in and around the city.  You never know what you might find there.



New Wallet

Today I bought a wallet for $45 AR ($4.50 US).  It is plain black suede.  I usually try to keep a few things around the house that I will be able to gift to someone if the occasion comes up.  I think it will make a nice present.

29_Apr_2014 014

29_Apr_2014 015

I bought it at De Blas wool/cotton knitting store.


Lacteos Lunes

Sometimes I shop at large retailers such as Walmart or Carrefour.  Although I haven’t seen any hard facts to back up my assertions I will share what I believe to be most large retailers basic strategy.  They sell some products below cost to get you in the door so that they can therefore sell most of their other products at a profit.  This is referred to as a loss leader pricing strategy.  I think their strategy centers around the fact that most people just do not have the time or the inclination to check prices and shop around.


I buy my dairy products at Carrefour on Mondays – “Lacteos Lunes” – where they give customers a coupon for a 30% discount on their next visit.  It is the best deal on dairy that I have found in Buenos Aires so far.



It took me three and a half years to find my mate cup.  I looked everywhere but I just couldn’t find the one I was looking for.  I was looking an algorrobo cup with a leather sleeve.


I finally found my mate cup at Regional El Tata in the Once district.  Nice cup, nice people, nice price.

I drink mate dulce but instead of sugar I use yerba dulce (stevia).  The bamboo bombilla was the final touch.  Stoked.

Fundacion Sitataj – Horn Spoons – Cucharas de Cuerno

Fundación Silataj - Libertad 948 - C.A.B.A. - Argentina

Fundación Silataj es miembro de la Organización Mundial de Comercio Justo (World Fair Trade Organization).

We bought some new spoons at Fundacion Silataj the other day which are made of cow horn.

They sell a variety of high quality handmade products such as wooden salad spoons, picture frames, wool sweaters and woven bags and baskets.

The spoons could probably last almost forever.  The people who make the spoons find the horns in the wild.

Each spoon is one of a kind and they complement our clay bowls perfectly.  They cost $59 each.

Fundación Silataj - cucharas de cuerno

Unique hand crafted spoons made of bovine horn – $59 each

Fundación Silataj also has smaller spoons that are perfect for children.

Eating our soup and cereal with these spoons the last couple of weeks has been a joy.


El otro día  compramos unas cucharas en la Fundación Silataj que son hechas de cuernos bovinos.

Venden una variedad de productos de alta calidad hechos a mano como cucharas de ensalada de madera, marcos, sweaters de lana, bolsas de tejer, y canastos.

Las cucharas, probablemente, podrían durar para siempre.

La gente que hace las cucharas encuentran los cuernos en el monte.

Cada cuchara es única y son un perfecto complemento para nuestros cuencos de barro.  Cada una cuesta $59.

La Fundación Silataj también tiene cucharas más pequeñas que son perfectas para chicos y bebés.

En estas dos últimas semanas, gozamos de tomarnos la sopa y comer el cereal con estas cucharas.


The exchange rate on July 10, 2014 was $8.17/dollar.  El cambio de dólar en 10 de Julio fué $8.17 .