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Ferretería del Norte

Ferreteria del Norte - Montevideo 947 - Cuidad Autonoma de Buenos Aires

La tarjeta de Ferreteria del Norte – Norte’s business card

We found Ferretería del Norte in the Yellow Pages a couple of years ago when we were looking for sandpaper.

After that we bought a Skil belt sander from them when we were refinishing our floors.  We have bought quite a few large cans of remover, bags of steel wool, boxes of screws and various other tools there over the years.


Shower curtain rod – Made in Argentina – ALEX brand – $109

When we renovated our kitchen the guys doing the work were impressed how quickly the Norte guys delivered the materials. We just bought a shower curtain rod off of them that we have been wanting to change it for a while.  They have competitive prices, they know their business and they are friendly.

Ferretería del Norte is a business that provides a few individuals in the community with credit which is representative of their character.  Every once in a while we will drop in to say hi if they are not busy.  They like football.

SKIL Belt Sander – 900w – Model 7640

Un par de años atrás encontramos Ferretería del Norte en las Páginas Amarilllas buscando papel de lija.

Entonces compramos una lijadora de banda cuando rehicimos nuestros pisos.  Compramos también varias latas enormes de removedor, lana de acero, cajas de tornillos y herramientas a través de los años. 

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Ferr Class – Bazar, Ferretería, etc.


Hardware – Kitchen – Electrical – Cleaning articles – Ironworks – Fasteners

Recently we discovered Ferr Class while we were walking down Calle Pacheco de Melo.

He has a mix of cooking and kitchen equipment, tools and hardware and cleaning supplies.

Ferr Class also has some Bahco wrenches and sockets , some cast iron products, steel frying pans, glass jars and glasses that are all manufactured in Argentina.


Clay bowls – 15 cm – Made in Argentina – Oven safe – $36

We bought some clay bowls and a level that are all made in Argentina.

It is a pretty neat store, the owner is pretty nice, and he has it all!


Caminábamos por Pacheco de Melo hace unos dias y descubrimos a Ferr Class.

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Gourmet Shop

Gourmet Shop - Avenida Jujuy 1168 - C.A.B.A. - Argentina - gastronómico

Gourmet Shop – The Attention You Deserve

One of the guys at Gourmet- Shop speaks English.  He is in a rock band too.

teapot - Uruguaya - tetera - 1 liter

Teapot – Made in Uruguay – 1 liter – $80 – Tetera – Industria Uruguaya

We were in there a couple of weeks ago and we bought a few things – a tea pot that is of Uruguayan origin, an oven mitt made in Argentina and a laminated bamboo chopping block made in China.

They gave us a discount on the oven mitt and the chopping block and the teapot was already on sale.

They have a lot of nice merchandise in their store and we are planning on returning when it is time for us to look for a new stainless steel pot.

En Gourmet Shop uno de los muchachos habla inglés.  El también forma parte de una banda de rock.

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Cuchillos de Acero al Carbono y Ferretería Fullone


The knife in the middle is well worn from years of use – El cuchillo del medio está más gastado por años de uso.

We love cooking and we are always improving our kitchen with more functional equipment and utensils.

We enjoy using quality knives and when we need to carve meat, like most carniceros in Buenos Aires, we prefer carbon steel knives.

We like the knives that are made in Argentina utilizing Swedish Eskilstuna blades.

We bought our small 4″ knife at Ferretería Fullone on Avenida San Juan for $129 a couple of months ago.

He made sure to explain that the knife was not stainless and we said that that was what we were looking for.

Some other customers joined in the conversation and it was agreed all around that carbon steel gets sharper.

We are planning on buying some more knives from Sr. Fullone in the future as he carries the knives in all the sizes from 4″ to 14″.

Ferretería Fullone - San Juan 2007, C.A.B.A.

Ferretería Fullone – Hours – Monday to Friday 9am to 1 pm and 4 pm to 8 pm – Saturdays 9am to 2 pm

Nos encanta cocinar y siempre estamos mejorando nuestra cocina con equipo y utensilios más prácticos. 

Nos gusta usar cuchillos de calidad y cuando preparamos carne, como la mayoría de los viejos carniceros en Buenos Aires, preferimos los cuchillos de acero al carbono. 

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Herrajes Libertad

Picaportes de Bronce

Restored and unrestored bronze door handles Comparación de picaporte de bronce restaurado

Over the years we have had quite a bit of work done by Herrajes Libertad. 

We have had them fix and shine up our bronze teapot, fix and shine our lamp, restore quite a few door handles and copy bronze pieces that were missing from antique furniture. 

Having the door handles restored made a big difference when we refinished our doors. 

The guys that work there are knowledgeable about their craft and can transmit the idea to the shop and they thoroughly know the trade which has made dealing with them a pleasant experience. 

They like football and good food too. 

Manijas de Bronce del Mueble Negro

On the left a replicated handle from an original on the right – A la izquierda replica de la manija de la derecha

Nos hicieron una importante cantidad de trabajos en Herrajes Libertad en los pasados años. 

Nos arreglaron y limpiaron nuestra tetera de bronce, nos arreglaron y lustraron nuestra lámpara, restauraron una cantidad de picaportes y copiaron piezas de bronce perdidas de muebles antiguos. 

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Bazar Gastronómico Rosali

We discovered most of the stores that we post walking around different parts of Buenos Aires.  The city is huge and prices can vary greatly from area to area and store to store.

Bazar - gastronómico - San Cristóbal - Buenos Aires - Argentina

Bazar Gastronómico de Sr. Carlos N. Ygon – Gastronomy Store “Rosali”

We discovered Sr. Carlos Ygon´s store while we were walking around San Cristóbal  a while ago.

He is a pleasant person that we look forward seeing on our next visit.  He has competitive prices as well.

We have bought a couple of toasters and a bread pan there.  We have given the toasters as gifts.  We just bought another  toaster for $70.  The toaster is useful for not only making toast but you can use it on the oven or you can put a hot kettle or pot on it.  It is enameled so you can wash it and it will not rust.  The toaster measures 27 cm by 27 cm and is made in Argentina and the brand is Ericó.


Ericó brand enameled toaster –

La mayoría de los negocios que publicamos aquí los fuimos descubriendo caminando en diferentes partes de Buenos Aires.  La cuidad es enorme y los precios pueden variar tanto de vecindario en vecindario así como de tienda en tienda.

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Fruit and Veggie Prices – Precios Verdulería

Ayres Insider Fruit and Vegetable Price Comparison June 18, 2014

This week Ayacucho had better prices and selection – Esta semana Ayacucho tubo buenas selección y mejores precios

This week we compared prices at our regular Frutería y Verdulería Ayacucho with Carrefour and Disco.

The differences in prices were impressive.

The biggest price gap was mushrooms where the price at Ayacucho was $60.00/kg versus Disco’s price of $154.95/kg.

A big surprise was that prices in the government supermarket “basket” are very often more expensive than small sellers; for example tomatoes at Ayacucho cost $14.00/kg whereas the government implemented price at Carrefour and Disco was $29.99/kg.

Ayres Insider Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Argentian 2014

Fresh fruit and vegetables are available all year round in Buenos Aires – Todo el año frutas y verduras frescos

Esta semana comparamos los precios de nuestra habitual Frutería y Verdulería Ayacucho con Carrefour y Disco

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