Appliance Repair: All Service

All Service Fixes All Types of Household Appliances

A couple of months ago our refrigerator died. On the back of our refrigerator there was a sticker with a number for service.  We gave “All Service” a call and they came the next day and picked it up, replaced the compressor and rubber magnetic seal and brought it back a couple of days later. Having our refrigerator refurbished saved us a lot of money. A couple of weeks later our washing machine died as well. We phoned “All Service” up and they sent us a technician who had our machine up and running in a couple of minutes. That saved us thousands as well. Nice.

All Service Domestic Appliance Repair Buenos Aires Argentina

All Service repairs all types of domestic appliances

All Service Arregla Todo Tipo de Electrodomesticos

Nuestra heladera murio un par de meses atras.  En la parte trasera de la heladera hay una chapita con el numero de telefono del sevicio.  Llamamos a “All Sevice” y vinieron al dia siguiente a buscarla.  Reemplazaron el compresor y los burletes de la puerta y la trajeron un par de dias despues.  Tener nuestra heladera compuesta nos hizo ahorrar mucho dinero.  Un par de semanas mas tarde nuestra maquina de lavar tambien murio.  Llamamos a “All Service” y nos mandaron a un tecnico que arreglo nuestra maquina en un par de minutos.  Nos hizo ahorrar miles tambien.  Que bueno.


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