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Fiambrería Martes – Deli Tuesdays

Paladini panceta ahumada - bacon

Bacon ‘Argentina’ style – Panceta ahumada estilo argentino

Carrefour offers their best prices of the week on deli products on Tuesdays.  The promotion includes cold cut meats, cheeses, rotisserie  chicken and pre-made salads.  They call it, “Fiambrería y Rotisería Martes.”

Carrefour issues a coupon on Tuesdays for 30% of the value you spend on deli products.  You can spend your coupon on anything in the store on your next visit.  The coupon is valid for two weeks.


Cut your own bacon and save a lot – corte su panceta ahumada y ahorre mucho dinero


Save even more money: cut your bacon yourself.  The regular price of sliced bacon versus the regular price of a chunk of bacon is $179.20 AR/kg versus $125.50 AR/kg.  On Tuesdays you can save an additional 30% which brings your savings to more than 50 percent.  In other words: on Tuesdays get twice as much bacon at Carrefour!

fiambrería_17_jun_2014 cheque "feria de frescos"

Shop at the deli at Carrefour on Tuesdays and save – Comprar los martes y ahorrar en Carrefour rotisería y fiambrería

Los Martes, fiambrería y rotisería ofrece los mejores precios en Carrefour.  La promoción incluye fiambres, quesos, pollos al spiedo y ensaladas.

Ese dia Carrefour, en caja,  le entrega un cupón “cheque” por el 30% de lo gastado. En su próxima visita puede usar este coupón en cualquier compra.  El coupón estará vigente por 2 semanas. 

Ahorrar más dinero: cortar uno mismo su panceta.  El precio de la panceta en fetas es de $179.20 el kilo, comparado con $125.50 el kilo por de pedazo entero.  Así los martes en panceta ahumada se puede hacer un ahorro del 30% más al cortarla uno mismo se ahorra un total 50% del precio original. En otras palabras comprar el double de panceta ahumada en Carrefour en martes.


Lácteos Lunes – Dairy Mondays


Dairy product comparisons – Comparación de productos lácteos

Carrefour has the best prices for refrigerated dairy products on Mondays.  They call it, “Lacteos Lunes.”


A “Lácteos Lunes” coupon – Un cheque de “Lácteos Lunes”

Carrefour issues a coupon on Mondays for 30% of the value you spend on refrigerated dairy.  You can spend your coupon on anything in the store on your next visit.  The coupon is valid for two weeks.   Carrefour has competitive prices on refrigerated dairy on a day to day basis versus the other supermarkets.

Disco has a promotion on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays where if you buy 4 Sancor products you only need to pay for 3.  This promotion is quite competitive although you have to buy 4 items to get the 25% discount.  Disco’s prices are the highest out of the “Big 3” supermarkets so the savings are about 14% on Sancor products compared to Carrefour’s regular prices.

Coto doe not offer any promotion specifically related to refrigerated dairy that we are aware of at this time.  On a day to day basis their prices are midway between Carrefour and Disco.

Los Lunes, Carrefour, tiene los mejores precios para los productos lácteos refrigerados.  Lo llaman “Lácteos Lunes”.

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Phone Cards – Tarjetas de Teléfono

International phone cards - tarjetas de teléfonos internacionales

Talk more – Hablá más

Sometimes it is convenient to use a phone card to call abroad from Argentina.

Over the years we have tried most of the phone cards available and have found that the “llamada directa INTERNACIONAL” card has provided a good value for the money.

The card provides fewer minutes than years past due to inflation but is relative to the exchange rate.

By our calculations it costs about $0.02 US per minute to call North America.  You can use the card multiple times as well and you do not get penalized.

The best rates are to the USA and Canada; France and Mexico’s rates are higher, and Costa Rica has the highest rate that we have encountered.

International phone cards - tarjetas de teléfono internacional

Our card collection – Nuestra colección de tarjetas

A veces es conveniente usar una tarjeta de teléfono para llamar al exterior desde la Argentina. 

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La Mielísima

La Mielísima 001

La Mielísima – Rodriguez Peña 99

La Mielísima is a specialty food store in the San Nicolás barrio.

Their focus is bulk honey of which they have several varieties from several provinces.

If you want honey you need to provide your own container.  They also sell bulk tea and spices.

All around a pretty sweet store.


La Mielísima – Su más dulce elección

El Mielísma es un negocio de cosas especiales en el barrio San Nicolás. 

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Walrus Books


Walrus Bookstore looks pretty inviting on a rainy day in Buenos Aires                            Walrus Bookstore es muy acogedor los dias de lluvia en Buenos Aires

Walrus Books is a great little used book store in the San Telmo barrio.

It is a nice part of town with cobblestone roads and nice older buildings.

Walrus has a great selection where you can find everything from Greek and Roman authors to Shakespeare.

They have many biographies and an extensive dictionary section as well.

Literary workshops and classes are also offered.  You never know what you might discover at Walrus.

Walrus Books

Walrus is well organized – Walrus es muy organizado

Walrus Books es una buenísima  y pequeña librería en el barrio de San Telmo. 

Es en una parte bonita de la cuidad con calles empedradas y lindos antiguos edificios. 

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W Bazar: Outlet Gastronómico

Bazar - gastronómico - San Cristóbal - Buenos Aires - Argentina

Bazar W vende artículos de cosina – Bazar W sells stuff for cooking

Bazar W is one of many commercial kitchen wholesale/retail stores around the area of Avenida Jujuy and Avenida San Juan. 

They sell professional kitchen equipment. 

We have bought most of our collection of cast iron cookware at Bazar W. 

They have competitive prices, a good selection, friendly staff.

Cast Iron - Hiero - Marca Barbero - Industria Argentina

Cast Iron Cookware – Barbero Brand – Made in Argentina

Bazar W es uno de los tantos negocios mayoristas y minoristas en el área de Avenida Jujuy y Avenida San Juan. 

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Correo Argentino: Post Office Box

For whatever reason it can be convenient to have a post office box.

At some Correo Argentino locations you can get a “casilla” for a fairly reasonable price.  You can rent one with a passport.

Once is one of the locations offering this service.  A three  month rental costs $220 AR or about $27 US.

They are open Monday to Friday 10:00 to 18:00 and Saturdays 10:00 to 13:00.

Correo Argentina Sucursal Once - Tte General Juan D. Perón 2821, C.A.B.A.

Correo Argentino Sucursal Once – Tte General Juan D. Perón 2821 –  Cuidad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina

Por razones varias es conveniente tener una casilla postal. 

En algunas oficinas de correo hay casillas y por un buen precio se puede obtener una de ellias. 

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