This site is for people on a budget in Buenos Aires: things to do, places to go, people to see.

Este sitio es para gente que cuida de su presupuesto en Buenos Aires: cosas para hacer, lugares para ir, gente para visitar.

Things to do:  museums, parks, art galleries . . .

Cosas para hacer: museos, parques, museos de arte . . .

Shops: where to buy well priced, high quality: shoes, clothing, craft supplies, books, food, tools and equipment . . .

Tiendas: donde comprar a buen precio, alta calidad: zapatos, ropa, elementos de artesania, libros, alimentos, herramientas y equipo . . .

Services:  dentists, pedicurists, plumbers, painters, etc.

Servicios: dentistas, pedicuros, plomeros, pintores, etc.

Contact info: ayresinsider@gmail.com


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Escaping Our Comfort Zone

    OH WOW!!! Keep on doing what you’re doing! Fabulous information. What a super service you’re providing. Kudos! And, might I add, I love the bilingual aspect….especially since I’m trying to learn Spanish so every little bit helps.


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