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Gourmet Premium – Olive Oil – Aceite de Oliva

gourmet-premium-olive-oilThere are a lot of choices in Buenos Aires when it comes to olive oil.  Some oils that are imported cost $300 or more per litre.  That is expensive!

We used to buy Carrefour brand olive oil; it tasted good, came in a nice glass bottle and was within our price range at $34.00 a half litre. We had to start looking for a different brand because Carrefour stopped stocking it.

We bought a couple of different brands in the meantime and finally discovered Gourmet Premium brand; it is of comparable quality to the Carrefour brand but it is much cheaper.  The only drawback is that it comes in a plastic bottle; we transfer then, the oil into a glass bottle that we reuse.

We buy Gourmet Premium brand olive oil at Más Pollos on Calle French.  Their retail price is the best we have found in the city – $20.00 per bottle (500 ml).

Hay muchísimas clases de aceite de oliva para elegir en Buenos Aires.  Algunos aceites importandos cuestan $300 pesos y más el litro.  Esto es caro!

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DIY: Icing Sugar – Azucar Impalpable


Home-made icing sugar – Azúcar impalpable hecha en casa

Icing sugar is expensive! It costs up to three times more by weight than regular white sugar.

We put regular white sugar in our coffee grinder and grind it up to make icing sugar – it works like a charm and saves us money and a trip to the store.

Azúcar impalpable es cara!  Hasta tres veces más que el azúcar común por kilo.

Nostros ponemos azúcar común en la moledora de café y la molemos hasta el punto de impalpable; es mágico, ahorramos dinero y un viaje a la tienda.