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New Page: Correo Argentino

We have finished putting together our Correo Argentino page.  The relevant information includes the locations, phone numbers, hours of operation and whether they offer post office boxes.


El Tren de las Nubes – Salta, Argentina – Correo Argentino Postal – Dakar 2011 Edición

We like the post office.  Telegrams and Western Union money orders can be sent within Argentina through Correo Argentino; you can pay bills and recharge your SUBE card there as well.

Correo Argentino produces nice stamps and they often create special edition stamp collections which usually includes a post card.  This year they produced one featuring the FIFA World Cup.  The South American Dakar rally is another favorite theme for special editions.

Terminamos de armar nuestra página de Correo Argentino.  La más importante información incluye, lugares, teléfonos, horas de actividad y si ofrecen casillas de correo.

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Herrajes Libertad

Picaportes de Bronce

Restored and unrestored bronze door handles Comparación de picaporte de bronce restaurado

Over the years we have had quite a bit of work done by Herrajes Libertad. 

We have had them fix and shine up our bronze teapot, fix and shine our lamp, restore quite a few door handles and copy bronze pieces that were missing from antique furniture. 

Having the door handles restored made a big difference when we refinished our doors. 

The guys that work there are knowledgeable about their craft and can transmit the idea to the shop and they thoroughly know the trade which has made dealing with them a pleasant experience. 

They like football and good food too. 

Manijas de Bronce del Mueble Negro

On the left a replicated handle from an original on the right – A la izquierda replica de la manija de la derecha

Nos hicieron una importante cantidad de trabajos en Herrajes Libertad en los pasados años. 

Nos arreglaron y limpiaron nuestra tetera de bronce, nos arreglaron y lustraron nuestra lámpara, restauraron una cantidad de picaportes y copiaron piezas de bronce perdidas de muebles antiguos. 

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Correo Argentino: Post Office Box

For whatever reason it can be convenient to have a post office box.

At some Correo Argentino locations you can get a “casilla” for a fairly reasonable price.  You can rent one with a passport.

Once is one of the locations offering this service.  A three  month rental costs $220 AR or about $27 US.

They are open Monday to Friday 10:00 to 18:00 and Saturdays 10:00 to 13:00.

Correo Argentina Sucursal Once - Tte General Juan D. Perón 2821, C.A.B.A.

Correo Argentino Sucursal Once – Tte General Juan D. Perón 2821 –  Cuidad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina

Por razones varias es conveniente tener una casilla postal. 

En algunas oficinas de correo hay casillas y por un buen precio se puede obtener una de ellias. 

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Exchange and Antiques

Exchange and Antiques help you get the currency you need.   They are serious professionals but the atmosphere is pretty relaxed. 

In Buenos Aires most stores will accept your dollars at the official rate but that is usually about 30 percent less than the parallel rate.Exchange&Antiques

Exchange and Antiques is not in the financial district which makes it a more comfortable experience. 

Before exchanging money I check to see what the rate is online.  Exchange and Antiques rate will be a little bit lower than what La Nacion is quoting for the dayThanks to Alfredo for the tip

Exchange and Antiques es una cómoda casa de cambio de dólares.  Son profesionales serios en una atmósfera relax.

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Sanitarios Pueyrredón

Sanitarios Pueyrredon are the guys that you want to call if you have a problem with either your toilet valve or plunger.  They are punctual, polite, and well priced.  They are professionals.


Sanitarios Pueyrredon son los muchachos que Ud. quiere llamar si tiene problemas con cualquier typo de valvulas de inodoro.  Son puntuales, educados, y tienen muy buenos precios.  Son profesionales.

Appliance Repair: All Service

All Service Fixes All Types of Household Appliances

A couple of months ago our refrigerator died. On the back of our refrigerator there was a sticker with a number for service.  We gave “All Service” a call and they came the next day and picked it up, replaced the compressor and rubber magnetic seal and brought it back a couple of days later. Having our refrigerator refurbished saved us a lot of money. A couple of weeks later our washing machine died as well. We phoned “All Service” up and they sent us a technician who had our machine up and running in a couple of minutes. That saved us thousands as well. Nice.

All Service Domestic Appliance Repair Buenos Aires Argentina

All Service repairs all types of domestic appliances

All Service Arregla Todo Tipo de Electrodomesticos

Nuestra heladera murio un par de meses atras.  En la parte trasera de la heladera hay una chapita con el numero de telefono del sevicio.  Llamamos a “All Sevice” y vinieron al dia siguiente a buscarla.  Reemplazaron el compresor y los burletes de la puerta y la trajeron un par de dias despues.  Tener nuestra heladera compuesta nos hizo ahorrar mucho dinero.  Un par de semanas mas tarde nuestra maquina de lavar tambien murio.  Llamamos a “All Service” y nos mandaron a un tecnico que arreglo nuestra maquina en un par de minutos.  Nos hizo ahorrar miles tambien.  Que bueno.

Herrajes Libertad

Herrajes Libertad restauracions griferia artesanal bronceria herrajes para obras trabajos especiales

Herrajes Libertad – Arenales 1187, Cuidad Autónoma de Buenos Aires

Herrajes Libertad restores bronze and can duplicate antique pieces.  They are detail oriented.

Herrajes Libertad restauran bronce  y duplican piezas antiguas.  Son responsables hasta el ultimo detalle.

Herrajes Libertad restauracions griferia artesanal bronceria herrajes para obras trabajos especiales

Herrajes Libertad Bronze Restoration