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Calzado Dasi – Uzzo – Desert Boots – Botines de Gamuzon con Suelo de Crepe – Update


Uzzo brand desert boots – Calzado Dasi – $349 – Marca Uzzo – Botines de Gamuzon y Suela de Crepe

We went back to Calzado Dasi recently and bought another pair of desert boots – this time brown.  Beige is the more classic colour, however, brown is a better choice for everyday wear.  As you can see, this is my second pair of desert boots from Dasi.

The price went up a little bit but that was expected; they now cost $349.

The owner is a really nice guy.  I’ve stopped in while wearing my desert boots to say hi and let him how comfortable the shoes are.

We have seen the exact pair of Uzzo brand desert boots for $500 in three different spots in the city; Avenida Boedo, Puerreydon y Santa Fe and Maipú street.  Dasi beats that price by more that $150 – and they are super nice people! Win – win.

Recientemente volvimos a Calzado Dasi y compramos otro par de botines del desierto, esta vez marrones.  El beige es el color más clásico en éstos botines, pero el marrón es una mejor elección para usar a diario.  Como puede usted ver, éste es mi segundo par de botines de Dasi. 

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El Vitral

el-vitralEl Vitral is one of the best used book stores in Buenos Aires.  We have added many titles to our book collection buying from them – always at a great price.

The majority of the books offered are Spanish however they also sell books in French, Italian, German and English.

They very often have books on English grammar, composition, and rhetoric; dictionaries, thesauruses and encyclopedias.  We purchased our most valued dictionary there a couple of years ago for $40 ($10 US).

We purchased the following English books at El Vitral for the equivalent of a couple of dollars within the last couple of years:

Gustave Doré – Miguel de Cervantes – Don Quixote – “A world of disorderly notions, picked out of his books, crowded into his imagination”

The last time we were in El Vitral they were playing music by the composer Marin Marais being performed by Jordi Savall.  Marvelous.

El Vitral es una de las mejores librerías de usados en Buenos Aires.  Sumamos muchos libros a nuesta colección comprándolos allí – siempre a muy buen precio.

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Aromas y Esencias – Bulk Soap – Jabón por Major

aromas-y-esenciasA couple of weeks ago we went to Lanús to buy our magnesium sulphate at Droguería Industrial Lanús and the guy who was serving us mentioned that a shop down the road sells essential oils.  We decided to go and see what they have to offer.

Aromas y Esencias offers high quality essential oils from Argentina and abroad at competitive prices.  They also offer one kilo bars of fragrance free glycerin and coconut oil soap for $35 which is a lot cheaper than buying your soap at the supermarket.

We noted the cost of Veritas brand fragrance free glycerin soap at Supermercado Coto; a pack of three bars (3×120 grams) costs $26.80; single bars cost $7.76.  The single bars at Coto are a bit cheaper but the bars at Aroma y Esencias are much cheaper.

Coconut oil soap is reputed to be beneficial for the hair.


Barras de jabón de glicerina y coco – $35 cada uno

Un par de semanas atrás fuímos a Lanús a comprar sulfato de magnesio en la Droguería Industrial Lanús y el señor  que nos atendió nos contó que a unas pocas cuadras había un negocio de aceites escenciales.

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Droguería Industrial Lanús – Sulfato de Magnesio

A couple of months ago a family member was lauding the benefits of bathing in magnesium sulphate.  Magnesium sulphate is also known as epsom salts or bitter salts.

A couple of tablespoons into the bath water and relax!  Supposedly it draws toxins out of your body through the skin.  Sometimes people gives themselves a foot bath in a small tub with a tablespoon of salt.

It is an enjoyable experience, however, epsom salts are not that common or readily available in Buenos Aires.   In other places magnesium sulphate is often available at pharmacies.

We took a look in the yellow pages and found a supplier who sells chemicals retail.  Droguería Industrial Lanús is where we now buy our magnesium sulphate.

The past couple of months we have been bathing in bitter salts and we feel the benefits.  A one kilo bag costs $50.

magnesium-sulfateUn par de meses atrás un familiar alababa los benficios de un baño  de inmersión en sulfato de magnesio, también llamada sal de Epsom o sal amarga.

Pon un par de cucharadas en la bañadera de agua caliente y relax!  Supuestamente elimina toxinas del cuerpo a través de la piel.  A veces la gente en cambio se dá un baño de pies en una palangana de agua tibia con una cucharada de sales.

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Argentina Regionales Total – Alpargatas – Jute Cotton Shoes


Argentina Regionales Total – Business card

A while back we came across the “Argentina Regionales Total” store and we noted how much they retail  “alpargatas” for.

The past couple of months we compared their price to other retailers in the city and no store came close to their price of $86.

They have a lot of nice merchandise in their store like all wool ponchos and nice traditional leather hats. They are friendly and relaxed without aggressive sales tactics; we prefer that type of sales philosophy.


Alpargatas – Made in Argentina since 1894 – jute and cotton – 100% biodegradable – jute y algodón

We returned and made our purchase of alpargatas;  we are going to buy some more for a gift pack we are putting together and we are looking forward to return to Argentina Regionales Total.

Hace un tiempo atrás encontramos la tienda “Argentina Regionales Total” y caímos en cuenta del precio de los alpargatas allí.

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Abastecer Seguridad – OMBU – Cargo Pants

OMBU - Calzado e Indumentaria - Abastecer Seguridad

Abastecer Seguridad – Representante Oficial OMBU

Whether one is vacationing, working, tripping or using them around one’s own  place cargo pants are very useful and convenient.  A few extra pockets always come in handy.

We just bought some Ombú brand cargo pants at Abastecer Seguridad, which is an official Ombú retailer, and we are super happy with our purchase.

OMBU - Abastecer Seguridad - Uruguay 882 C,A.B.A.

Indumentaria Laboral y Calzado OMBU Aire Libre

Ombú is a well known brand that is made in Argentina that has been recognized for the quality of its products for a long time.

Ombú safety footware, work clothes and outdoor wear for both men and women are all available at Albastecer Seguridad.

Así uno esté vacaciones, tabajando, viajando o dándo vueltas en su barrio los pantalones “cargo” son prácticos y útiles.  Un poco más de bolsillos siempre encuentran un buen uso.

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Ferretería del Norte

Ferreteria del Norte - Montevideo 947 - Cuidad Autonoma de Buenos Aires

La tarjeta de Ferreteria del Norte – Norte’s business card

We found Ferretería del Norte in the Yellow Pages a couple of years ago when we were looking for sandpaper.

After that we bought a Skil belt sander from them when we were refinishing our floors.  We have bought quite a few large cans of remover, bags of steel wool, boxes of screws and various other tools there over the years.


Shower curtain rod – Made in Argentina – ALEX brand – $109

When we renovated our kitchen the guys doing the work were impressed how quickly the Norte guys delivered the materials. We just bought a shower curtain rod off of them that we have been wanting to change it for a while.  They have competitive prices, they know their business and they are friendly.

Ferretería del Norte is a business that provides a few individuals in the community with credit which is representative of their character.  Every once in a while we will drop in to say hi if they are not busy.  They like football.

SKIL Belt Sander – 900w – Model 7640

Un par de años atrás encontramos Ferretería del Norte en las Páginas Amarilllas buscando papel de lija.

Entonces compramos una lijadora de banda cuando rehicimos nuestros pisos.  Compramos también varias latas enormes de removedor, lana de acero, cajas de tornillos y herramientas a través de los años. 

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