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Our Cactus Family


The cactus family we rescued out of the trash – La familia cactus que rescatamos de la basura

We found our cactus family on the sidewalk a couple of months ago.  Someone had thrown them away after their pot broke.  From two came three; the cactus that had its head broken off now has six new heads sprouting.  Pretty neat.

Hace un par de meses encontramos tirada en la calle a nuestra familia de cactus.  Alguien los habia tirado después que el macetero se quebró.  De dos se hicieron tres, el cactus que estaba decapitado tiene ahora seis cabecitas floreciendo.  Bastante primoroso.



New Page: Correo Argentino

We have finished putting together our Correo Argentino page.  The relevant information includes the locations, phone numbers, hours of operation and whether they offer post office boxes.


El Tren de las Nubes – Salta, Argentina – Correo Argentino Postal – Dakar 2011 Edición

We like the post office.  Telegrams and Western Union money orders can be sent within Argentina through Correo Argentino; you can pay bills and recharge your SUBE card there as well.

Correo Argentino produces nice stamps and they often create special edition stamp collections which usually includes a post card.  This year they produced one featuring the FIFA World Cup.  The South American Dakar rally is another favorite theme for special editions.

Terminamos de armar nuestra página de Correo Argentino.  La más importante información incluye, lugares, teléfonos, horas de actividad y si ofrecen casillas de correo.

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Luffa Soap – Jabón de Esponja Vegetal

A couple of weeks ago we did an experiment that we had wanted to try for quite a long time.  We wanted to have soap inside of our luffa . . . .

We read a bit on the internet, gathered our supplies, and went for it . . . .

How we made our luffa soap:

  • we shredded some of the glycerin soap that we bought at Aromas y Esencias with a box grater and melted it in a pot on the stove
  • we cut our luffa into sizes that would fit nicely into the silicon muffin molds that we bought at Gourmet Shop and poured the melted soap into the mold

lufa-soapA couple of weeks later we were looking around on Mercado Libre and saw that someone is making and selling soaps online kind of like the ones that we had made.

The best ideas are common property.


Hace bastante tiempo que querímos hacer este experimento y harán un par de semanas finalmente lo materializamos.

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Aromas y Esencias – Bulk Soap – Jabón por Major

aromas-y-esenciasA couple of weeks ago we went to Lanús to buy our magnesium sulphate at Droguería Industrial Lanús and the guy who was serving us mentioned that a shop down the road sells essential oils.  We decided to go and see what they have to offer.

Aromas y Esencias offers high quality essential oils from Argentina and abroad at competitive prices.  They also offer one kilo bars of fragrance free glycerin and coconut oil soap for $35 which is a lot cheaper than buying your soap at the supermarket.

We noted the cost of Veritas brand fragrance free glycerin soap at Supermercado Coto; a pack of three bars (3×120 grams) costs $26.80; single bars cost $7.76.  The single bars at Coto are a bit cheaper but the bars at Aroma y Esencias are much cheaper.

Coconut oil soap is reputed to be beneficial for the hair.


Barras de jabón de glicerina y coco – $35 cada uno

Un par de semanas atrás fuímos a Lanús a comprar sulfato de magnesio en la Droguería Industrial Lanús y el señor  que nos atendió nos contó que a unas pocas cuadras había un negocio de aceites escenciales.

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Droguería Industrial Lanús – Sulfato de Magnesio

A couple of months ago a family member was lauding the benefits of bathing in magnesium sulphate.  Magnesium sulphate is also known as epsom salts or bitter salts.

A couple of tablespoons into the bath water and relax!  Supposedly it draws toxins out of your body through the skin.  Sometimes people gives themselves a foot bath in a small tub with a tablespoon of salt.

It is an enjoyable experience, however, epsom salts are not that common or readily available in Buenos Aires.   In other places magnesium sulphate is often available at pharmacies.

We took a look in the yellow pages and found a supplier who sells chemicals retail.  Droguería Industrial Lanús is where we now buy our magnesium sulphate.

The past couple of months we have been bathing in bitter salts and we feel the benefits.  A one kilo bag costs $50.

magnesium-sulfateUn par de meses atrás un familiar alababa los benficios de un baño  de inmersión en sulfato de magnesio, también llamada sal de Epsom o sal amarga.

Pon un par de cucharadas en la bañadera de agua caliente y relax!  Supuestamente elimina toxinas del cuerpo a través de la piel.  A veces la gente en cambio se dá un baño de pies en una palangana de agua tibia con una cucharada de sales.

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Phone Cards – Tarjetas de Teléfono

International phone cards - tarjetas de teléfonos internacionales

Talk more – Hablá más

Sometimes it is convenient to use a phone card to call abroad from Argentina.

Over the years we have tried most of the phone cards available and have found that the “llamada directa INTERNACIONAL” card has provided a good value for the money.

The card provides fewer minutes than years past due to inflation but is relative to the exchange rate.

By our calculations it costs about $0.02 US per minute to call North America.  You can use the card multiple times as well and you do not get penalized.

The best rates are to the USA and Canada; France and Mexico’s rates are higher, and Costa Rica has the highest rate that we have encountered.

International phone cards - tarjetas de teléfono internacional

Our card collection – Nuestra colección de tarjetas

A veces es conveniente usar una tarjeta de teléfono para llamar al exterior desde la Argentina. 

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La Mielísima

La Mielísima 001

La Mielísima – Rodriguez Peña 99

La Mielísima is a specialty food store in the San Nicolás barrio.

Their focus is bulk honey of which they have several varieties from several provinces.

If you want honey you need to provide your own container.  They also sell bulk tea and spices.

All around a pretty sweet store.


La Mielísima – Su más dulce elección

El Mielísma es un negocio de cosas especiales en el barrio San Nicolás. 

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