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Argentina Regionales Total – Alpargatas – Jute Cotton Shoes


Argentina Regionales Total – Business card

A while back we came across the “Argentina Regionales Total” store and we noted how much they retail  “alpargatas” for.

The past couple of months we compared their price to other retailers in the city and no store came close to their price of $86.

They have a lot of nice merchandise in their store like all wool ponchos and nice traditional leather hats. They are friendly and relaxed without aggressive sales tactics; we prefer that type of sales philosophy.


Alpargatas – Made in Argentina since 1894 – jute and cotton – 100% biodegradable – jute y algodón

We returned and made our purchase of alpargatas;  we are going to buy some more for a gift pack we are putting together and we are looking forward to return to Argentina Regionales Total.

Hace un tiempo atrás encontramos la tienda “Argentina Regionales Total” y caímos en cuenta del precio de los alpargatas allí.

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Correo Argentino: Post Office Box

For whatever reason it can be convenient to have a post office box.

At some Correo Argentino locations you can get a “casilla” for a fairly reasonable price.  You can rent one with a passport.

Once is one of the locations offering this service.  A three  month rental costs $220 AR or about $27 US.

They are open Monday to Friday 10:00 to 18:00 and Saturdays 10:00 to 13:00.

Correo Argentina Sucursal Once - Tte General Juan D. Perón 2821, C.A.B.A.

Correo Argentino Sucursal Once – Tte General Juan D. Perón 2821 –  Cuidad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina

Por razones varias es conveniente tener una casilla postal. 

En algunas oficinas de correo hay casillas y por un buen precio se puede obtener una de ellias. 

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Fruteria Y Verduleria Ayacucho

Fruteria Y Verduleria AyacuchoFruteria Y Verduleria Ayacucho sells fruit and vegetables for good prices.  They sell a lot so the produce is usually pretty fresh.  The guys there are friendly and the service is quick.  It is usually pretty busy.  One product you will not find there is ginger; the owner, an older Italian,  thinks that it brings bad luck.

Fruteria Y Verduleria Ayacucho vende sus productos a muy buen precio.  Venden mucho por lo tanto todo es muy frescos.  Los muchachos son amigables y el servico es rapido.  Estan, generalmente, muy ocupados.  No tienen jengibre porque el patron, un italiano major piensa que el jengibre le da mala suerte.