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Abastecer Seguridad – OMBU – Cargo Pants

OMBU - Calzado e Indumentaria - Abastecer Seguridad

Abastecer Seguridad – Representante Oficial OMBU

Whether one is vacationing, working, tripping or using them around one’s own  place cargo pants are very useful and convenient.  A few extra pockets always come in handy.

We just bought some Ombú brand cargo pants at Abastecer Seguridad, which is an official Ombú retailer, and we are super happy with our purchase.

OMBU - Abastecer Seguridad - Uruguay 882 C,A.B.A.

Indumentaria Laboral y Calzado OMBU Aire Libre

Ombú is a well known brand that is made in Argentina that has been recognized for the quality of its products for a long time.

Ombú safety footware, work clothes and outdoor wear for both men and women are all available at Albastecer Seguridad.

Así uno esté vacaciones, tabajando, viajando o dándo vueltas en su barrio los pantalones “cargo” son prácticos y útiles.  Un poco más de bolsillos siempre encuentran un buen uso.

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Herrajes Libertad

Picaportes de Bronce

Restored and unrestored bronze door handles Comparación de picaporte de bronce restaurado

Over the years we have had quite a bit of work done by Herrajes Libertad. 

We have had them fix and shine up our bronze teapot, fix and shine our lamp, restore quite a few door handles and copy bronze pieces that were missing from antique furniture. 

Having the door handles restored made a big difference when we refinished our doors. 

The guys that work there are knowledgeable about their craft and can transmit the idea to the shop and they thoroughly know the trade which has made dealing with them a pleasant experience. 

They like football and good food too. 

Manijas de Bronce del Mueble Negro

On the left a replicated handle from an original on the right – A la izquierda replica de la manija de la derecha

Nos hicieron una importante cantidad de trabajos en Herrajes Libertad en los pasados años. 

Nos arreglaron y limpiaron nuestra tetera de bronce, nos arreglaron y lustraron nuestra lámpara, restauraron una cantidad de picaportes y copiaron piezas de bronce perdidas de muebles antiguos. 

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Exchange and Antiques

Exchange and Antiques help you get the currency you need.   They are serious professionals but the atmosphere is pretty relaxed. 

In Buenos Aires most stores will accept your dollars at the official rate but that is usually about 30 percent less than the parallel rate.Exchange&Antiques

Exchange and Antiques is not in the financial district which makes it a more comfortable experience. 

Before exchanging money I check to see what the rate is online.  Exchange and Antiques rate will be a little bit lower than what La Nacion is quoting for the dayThanks to Alfredo for the tip

Exchange and Antiques es una cómoda casa de cambio de dólares.  Son profesionales serios en una atmósfera relax.

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Herrajes Libertad

Herrajes Libertad restauracions griferia artesanal bronceria herrajes para obras trabajos especiales

Herrajes Libertad – Arenales 1187, Cuidad Autónoma de Buenos Aires

Herrajes Libertad restores bronze and can duplicate antique pieces.  They are detail oriented.

Herrajes Libertad restauran bronce  y duplican piezas antiguas.  Son responsables hasta el ultimo detalle.

Herrajes Libertad restauracions griferia artesanal bronceria herrajes para obras trabajos especiales

Herrajes Libertad Bronze Restoration

Librería Lecorbusier

Libreria LecorbusierLibrería Lecorbusier is a photocopy and stationary shop.  They do colour and black and white copies.  They sell office supplies and their selection of pens is impressive.   They make ring bound booklets as well.




Librería Lecorbusier es tambien un negocio de fotocopias color o blanco y negro.  Venden algunas cosas para oficina pero tienen una impresionante seleccion de lapiceras.  Hacen anillado tambien.