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Fruit and Veggie Prices – Precios Verdulería

Ayres Insider Fruit and Vegetable Price Comparison June 18, 2014

This week Ayacucho had better prices and selection – Esta semana Ayacucho tubo buenas selección y mejores precios

This week we compared prices at our regular Frutería y Verdulería Ayacucho with Carrefour and Disco.

The differences in prices were impressive.

The biggest price gap was mushrooms where the price at Ayacucho was $60.00/kg versus Disco’s price of $154.95/kg.

A big surprise was that prices in the government supermarket “basket” are very often more expensive than small sellers; for example tomatoes at Ayacucho cost $14.00/kg whereas the government implemented price at Carrefour and Disco was $29.99/kg.

Ayres Insider Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Argentian 2014

Fresh fruit and vegetables are available all year round in Buenos Aires – Todo el año frutas y verduras frescos

Esta semana comparamos los precios de nuestra habitual Frutería y Verdulería Ayacucho con Carrefour y Disco

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