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Food Prices – Precios de Alimentos: Aug – Ag 2014

This is our third food price index.  We shop around a little bit but in general the stores we buy at have the best prices, discounts, promotions and quality.

In order to offer the most unbiased inflation index the prices of the respective food categories were taken from the same stores.  We have also included a few items from the government “basket”.  These items prices are set by the government.

We would also add that we do all dairy and deli shopping at Carrefour on Mondays and Tuesdays where we earn a 30% credit.  We buy our cooking oil, white flour, yeast and mate at Carrefour with our coupons every month.

Fruit and vegetable prices were taken from “Frutería y Verdulería Ayacucho“.

Bulk, “health” food products prices were taken from “Dietética Tomy“.

Meat prices were taken from “Frigorífico El Santiagueño“.

Dairy and deli prices are a sample of the prices that Carrefour offers.

Eggs were purchased at Coto.

Este es nuestro tercer índice de precios en alimentos.   Comparamos precios y elegimos las tiendas, asi finalmente compramos dónde encontramos: mejores precios, descuentos, promociones y calidad.

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