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Cuchillos de Acero al Carbono y Ferretería Fullone


The knife in the middle is well worn from years of use – El cuchillo del medio está más gastado por años de uso.

We love cooking and we are always improving our kitchen with more functional equipment and utensils.

We enjoy using quality knives and when we need to carve meat, like most carniceros in Buenos Aires, we prefer carbon steel knives.

We like the knives that are made in Argentina utilizing Swedish Eskilstuna blades.

We bought our small 4″ knife at Ferretería Fullone on Avenida San Juan for $129 a couple of months ago.

He made sure to explain that the knife was not stainless and we said that that was what we were looking for.

Some other customers joined in the conversation and it was agreed all around that carbon steel gets sharper.

We are planning on buying some more knives from Sr. Fullone in the future as he carries the knives in all the sizes from 4″ to 14″.

Ferretería Fullone - San Juan 2007, C.A.B.A.

Ferretería Fullone – Hours – Monday to Friday 9am to 1 pm and 4 pm to 8 pm – Saturdays 9am to 2 pm

Nos encanta cocinar y siempre estamos mejorando nuestra cocina con equipo y utensilios más prácticos. 

Nos gusta usar cuchillos de calidad y cuando preparamos carne, como la mayoría de los viejos carniceros en Buenos Aires, preferimos los cuchillos de acero al carbono. 

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