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Calzado Dasi – Uzzo – Desert Boots – Botines de Gamuzon con Suelo de Crepe – Update


Uzzo brand desert boots – Calzado Dasi – $349 – Marca Uzzo – Botines de Gamuzon y Suela de Crepe

We went back to Calzado Dasi recently and bought another pair of desert boots – this time brown.  Beige is the more classic colour, however, brown is a better choice for everyday wear.  As you can see, this is my second pair of desert boots from Dasi.

The price went up a little bit but that was expected; they now cost $349.

The owner is a really nice guy.  I’ve stopped in while wearing my desert boots to say hi and let him how comfortable the shoes are.

We have seen the exact pair of Uzzo brand desert boots for $500 in three different spots in the city; Avenida Boedo, Puerreydon y Santa Fe and Maipú street.  Dasi beats that price by more that $150 – and they are super nice people! Win – win.

Recientemente volvimos a Calzado Dasi y compramos otro par de botines del desierto, esta vez marrones.  El beige es el color más clásico en éstos botines, pero el marrón es una mejor elección para usar a diario.  Como puede usted ver, éste es mi segundo par de botines de Dasi. 

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DIY: Laundry Detergent – Jabón Liquido para Ropa

We decided a while ago that we were going to make  our own liquid laundry detergent.  The internet is a great source of information for anybody wishing to do-it-themselves.  We watched a video on Youtube on how to make liquid laundry soap and then we proceeded to brew up 20 liters of our own.

How we made our liquid laundry soap:

  • we shredded about 150 grams of glycerin soap, put it into a saucepan, added water and heat until it was dissolved
  • we then put approximately 236 mL (1 US cup) of washing soda (sodium carbonate) and approximatedly 118 mL (½ US cup) Borax into the bottom of a clean 20 L (5 Gallon) plastic paint bucket
  • then we added the dissolved warm glycerin soap/water combination to the dry ingredients in the plastic bucket
  • we then filled the bucket with hot water and mixed the ingredients well
  • finally we added 2 caps of a 10 ml little bottle of essential oil of gardenia to our mix and let it sit until next day

We have been using our soap for quite a while now and we are very pleased with the results.  Currently we are doing renovations so we have been doing a lot of laundry and our detergent has been doing a fine job.  We mix our detergent with a stick before we use it.


Home made natural laundry detergent – Detergente para ropa casero natural

Compared to the store brands that cost about $33.00/liter our home made soap costs significantly less – and smells nice, too!

Hace un tiempo atrás decidimos que íbamos ha hacer nuestro detergente líquido para ropa.  El internet es una riquísima fuente de información para cualquiera que quiera “hacerlo por sí mismo”.  Miramos un video en YouTube en cómo hacer el jabón líquido para ropa; entonces empezamos a preparar nuestros 20 litros.

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Arrope de Chañar – Chañar Syrup


Dulces Valdez – Arrope de Chañar – $46 – 500 grams

We went back to the Casa de Catamarca a while ago to buy some more dulce de membrillo and we wanted to try some of the different arropes (syrups) that they have for sale there.  One of the arropes that we bought was “Arrope de Chañar” which is made from the fruit of the Chañar tree.

We sure are glad we decided to try Arrope of Chañar.  It is delicious!  We have been adding it to our home made natural yogurt.  On the one hand it reminds one of a combination of maple syrup and molasses and on the other hand the cough candy from Switzerland, Ricola.

Researching this article we found a very informative and interesting blog that describes and illustrates all the birds of Argentina and where the birds live. The Chañar is a very popular tree for birds.  They have links to another site where you can hear the birds’ calls and songs.  The name of the blog is: Compañeros de viaje.  Highly recommended.

Geoffroea decorticans or chilean palo verde

Geoffroea decorticans or Chilean Palo Verde (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The scientific name of the Chañar tree is Geoffroea decorticansIt is also known as the Kumbaru as well as the Chilean Palo Verde (green wood).

The wood of the Chañar tree is used to make furniture and fence posts.  The fruit of the Chañar tree is what is processed to make arrope which is used as a sweetener and is also used to alleviate sore throats and coughs.

Hace poco tiempo regresamos a la Casa de Catamarca ha comprar más dulce de membrillo y queríamos probar los diferentes arropes que allí venden.  El arrope de chañar fue uno de los que compramos y está hecho de la fruta del árbol del Chañar.

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Luffa Soap – Jabón de Esponja Vegetal

A couple of weeks ago we did an experiment that we had wanted to try for quite a long time.  We wanted to have soap inside of our luffa . . . .

We read a bit on the internet, gathered our supplies, and went for it . . . .

How we made our luffa soap:

  • we shredded some of the glycerin soap that we bought at Aromas y Esencias with a box grater and melted it in a pot on the stove
  • we cut our luffa into sizes that would fit nicely into the silicon muffin molds that we bought at Gourmet Shop and poured the melted soap into the mold

lufa-soapA couple of weeks later we were looking around on Mercado Libre and saw that someone is making and selling soaps online kind of like the ones that we had made.

The best ideas are common property.


Hace bastante tiempo que querímos hacer este experimento y harán un par de semanas finalmente lo materializamos.

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Droguería Industrial Lanús – Sulfato de Magnesio

A couple of months ago a family member was lauding the benefits of bathing in magnesium sulphate.  Magnesium sulphate is also known as epsom salts or bitter salts.

A couple of tablespoons into the bath water and relax!  Supposedly it draws toxins out of your body through the skin.  Sometimes people gives themselves a foot bath in a small tub with a tablespoon of salt.

It is an enjoyable experience, however, epsom salts are not that common or readily available in Buenos Aires.   In other places magnesium sulphate is often available at pharmacies.

We took a look in the yellow pages and found a supplier who sells chemicals retail.  Droguería Industrial Lanús is where we now buy our magnesium sulphate.

The past couple of months we have been bathing in bitter salts and we feel the benefits.  A one kilo bag costs $50.

magnesium-sulfateUn par de meses atrás un familiar alababa los benficios de un baño  de inmersión en sulfato de magnesio, también llamada sal de Epsom o sal amarga.

Pon un par de cucharadas en la bañadera de agua caliente y relax!  Supuestamente elimina toxinas del cuerpo a través de la piel.  A veces la gente en cambio se dá un baño de pies en una palangana de agua tibia con una cucharada de sales.

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La Casa de Catamarca – Dulce de Membrillo

We have never been to Catamarca but it is somewhere that we would love to visit someday.  A friend visited there last year and had a wonderful time.  The pictures of Catamarca . . . .


Helpful and friendly – “Catamarqueños” – Serviciales y amigables

The other day we visited the “Casa de Catamarca” on Avenida Córdoba 2080; they were really nice and helpful and gave us a lot of brochures.

Most people probably do not know that there is a little store in the Casa de Catamarca that sells a bunch of different products from that province.


Baskets, crafts and wool – canastos, artesanías y lana

They sell books, wine, sweets, baskets, hats and a variety of other stuff.

Most Argentine wool is produced in Catamarca; the store has a good selection of wool products for sale such as socks, sweaters, scarves, blankets and hand woven fabrics.

The “quince sugar loaf” that they sell at the Casa de Catamarca is the highest quality we have found in Buenos Aires and is being offered for the best price as well – $25.  The ingredients are quince and sugar – that is all.


Jellies. syrups….mmm…dulces y arropes

The store sells a lot of sweet stuff from Catamarca.  We are planning on returning soon to buy some syrup made from cactus and some more quince sugar loaf.  A great gift idea.

Nunca fuimos a Catamarca pero si es un lugar que nos encantaría visitar algún día.  Una amiga nuestra fue el pasado año y su estadía fue fubulosa.  Las fotos de Catamarca . . .

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Argentina Regionales Total – Alpargatas – Jute Cotton Shoes


Argentina Regionales Total – Business card

A while back we came across the “Argentina Regionales Total” store and we noted how much they retail  “alpargatas” for.

The past couple of months we compared their price to other retailers in the city and no store came close to their price of $86.

They have a lot of nice merchandise in their store like all wool ponchos and nice traditional leather hats. They are friendly and relaxed without aggressive sales tactics; we prefer that type of sales philosophy.


Alpargatas – Made in Argentina since 1894 – jute and cotton – 100% biodegradable – jute y algodón

We returned and made our purchase of alpargatas;  we are going to buy some more for a gift pack we are putting together and we are looking forward to return to Argentina Regionales Total.

Hace un tiempo atrás encontramos la tienda “Argentina Regionales Total” y caímos en cuenta del precio de los alpargatas allí.

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