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Cantinflas – El Extra

“El Extra,” is one of our favorite Cantinflas movies.  He is a classic; anyone can enjoy his movies.  Mature people can appreciate his social commentary and wit while younger people probably enjoy his slapstick.

Cantinflas is the Don Quixote of the Twentieth century; he makes you laugh but his message is serious.  (Cervantes must have been an influence on Moreno; one of his movies is called, “Un Quixote Sin Mancha.”

El Extra has some of the funniest scenes ever.  In the beginning of the movie Cantinflas is cast as a sans-culotte (extra) who is especially vociferous and enthusiastic.  The conflict with the director and subsequent day dream dance scene are unforgettable.

Most Cantinflas movies have a romantic side and, “The Extra,” is no different.  Sometimes he gets the girl . . . .

Once you watch a couple of Cantinflas movies you will probably recognize his influence on modern comedy – especially his body language.  It isn’t necessary to understand Spanish to enjoy Cantinflas although it might inspire you to try to learn.

We are looking forward to seeing “Cantinflas,” the movie based on the life of Mario Moreno starring Óscar Jaenada.  In the meantime we are going to watch, “The Extra,” again . . . .

Una de nuestras peliculas favoritas de Cantinflas es “El Extra.”  El es un clásico;  cualquira puede disfrutar de sus películas.  Sus comentarios sociales pueden ser apreciados por la gente madura y la gente joven puede disfrutar de sus payasadas.

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Mario Moreno – Cantinflas

Cantinflas aka Mario Moreno is our favorite Latino personality.  He is arguably the most influential Spanish speaking actor/comedian/screen writer/character of the Twentieth century.  He is a legend.

Cantinflas wrote and starred in lots of films and was influential enough to be made into a cartoon.  At one point he was the best paid actor in the world.  Charlie Chaplin once commented that Cantinflas was the greatest comedian alive.

Mario Moreno was a generous man and after retiring from films he set up schools in his hometown in Mexico which taught students ranching and farming skills (interview in Spanish).

We are extremely excited to announce that “Cantinflas,” will be released in the U.S. on August 29, 2014.  We will post more information when it becomes available.

Cantinflas, The Movie, opens in US theatres August 29th, 2014. La pelicula de Cantinflas, se estrena en USA el 29 de Agosto, 2014.

The following movie, “Sube y Baja” (Up and Down), is the first Cantinflas movie we had the pleasure of seeing together.  We instantly became fanatics.

In the following weeks we will be posting our favorite Cantinflas movies which are available on Youtube in anticipation of the soon to be released movie based on his life.  Enjoy!

Nuestro favorito personaje latino fue y es Mario Moreno, CantinflasSin ninguna duda Cantinflas fue el actor, comediante, guionista y personalidad con mayor influencia popular del idioma español  en el siglo veinte.  El es una verdadera celebridad.

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