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Niní Marshall – Los Enredos De Una Gallega


Niní Marshall mini mural on Avenida Corrientes near Callao

The other day we were crossing Avenida Corrientes near Avenida Callao and we noticed a small mural of Niní Marshall.  We have been enjoying some of her movies recently on Youtube.

Niní Marshall was an Argentine comic actress and humorist; she was well known for playing with the meaning and pronunciation of words.

Two of her more well know characters are Catita, a working class Porteña of Italian descent and Cándida, an old fashioned Galician.

She was known as The Chaplin with a skirt and the Lady of Humour.

Los Enredos De Una Gallega,” was made in 1951 in Mexico and is an entertaining introduction to Niní Marshall and Cándida.  There are some pretty funny scenes and a surprise ending.  Enjoy!

El otro día estábamos cruzando la Avenida Corrientes casi Callao y llamó nuestra atención un pequeño mural de Niní Mashall.  Ultimamente, en YouTube, hemos estado disfrutando de sus películas.

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