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Gourmet Premium – Olive Oil – Aceite de Oliva

gourmet-premium-olive-oilThere are a lot of choices in Buenos Aires when it comes to olive oil.  Some oils that are imported cost $300 or more per litre.  That is expensive!

We used to buy Carrefour brand olive oil; it tasted good, came in a nice glass bottle and was within our price range at $34.00 a half litre. We had to start looking for a different brand because Carrefour stopped stocking it.

We bought a couple of different brands in the meantime and finally discovered Gourmet Premium brand; it is of comparable quality to the Carrefour brand but it is much cheaper.  The only drawback is that it comes in a plastic bottle; we transfer then, the oil into a glass bottle that we reuse.

We buy Gourmet Premium brand olive oil at Más Pollos on Calle French.  Their retail price is the best we have found in the city – $20.00 per bottle (500 ml).

Hay muchísimas clases de aceite de oliva para elegir en Buenos Aires.  Algunos aceites importandos cuestan $300 pesos y más el litro.  Esto es caro!

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