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Herrajes Libertad

Picaportes de Bronce

Restored and unrestored bronze door handles Comparación de picaporte de bronce restaurado

Over the years we have had quite a bit of work done by Herrajes Libertad. 

We have had them fix and shine up our bronze teapot, fix and shine our lamp, restore quite a few door handles and copy bronze pieces that were missing from antique furniture. 

Having the door handles restored made a big difference when we refinished our doors. 

The guys that work there are knowledgeable about their craft and can transmit the idea to the shop and they thoroughly know the trade which has made dealing with them a pleasant experience. 

They like football and good food too. 

Manijas de Bronce del Mueble Negro

On the left a replicated handle from an original on the right – A la izquierda replica de la manija de la derecha

Nos hicieron una importante cantidad de trabajos en Herrajes Libertad en los pasados años. 

Nos arreglaron y limpiaron nuestra tetera de bronce, nos arreglaron y lustraron nuestra lámpara, restauraron una cantidad de picaportes y copiaron piezas de bronce perdidas de muebles antiguos. 

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