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Ferr Class – Bazar, Ferretería, etc.


Hardware – Kitchen – Electrical – Cleaning articles – Ironworks – Fasteners

Recently we discovered Ferr Class while we were walking down Calle Pacheco de Melo.

He has a mix of cooking and kitchen equipment, tools and hardware and cleaning supplies.

Ferr Class also has some Bahco wrenches and sockets , some cast iron products, steel frying pans, glass jars and glasses that are all manufactured in Argentina.


Clay bowls – 15 cm – Made in Argentina – Oven safe – $36

We bought some clay bowls and a level that are all made in Argentina.

It is a pretty neat store, the owner is pretty nice, and he has it all!


Caminábamos por Pacheco de Melo hace unos dias y descubrimos a Ferr Class.

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Sanitarios Pueyrredón

Sanitarios Pueyrredon are the guys that you want to call if you have a problem with either your toilet valve or plunger.  They are punctual, polite, and well priced.  They are professionals.


Sanitarios Pueyrredon son los muchachos que Ud. quiere llamar si tiene problemas con cualquier typo de valvulas de inodoro.  Son puntuales, educados, y tienen muy buenos precios.  Son profesionales.