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Ayres Insider: How To Make Dulce de Leche

How To Make Home Made Dulce de Leche.

Como Preparar Dulce de Leche Casero

Some people pay a lot of money for ‘authentic’ dulce de leche.

Algunas personas pagan mucho dinero por “autentico” dulce de leche.

In the past dulce de leche was made with milk and sugar.  Today commercial brands use many other ingredients other than sugar and milk, i.e. corn syrup.

En el pasado el dulce de leche se hacia con leche y azucar.  Hoy las marcas comerciales usan mas ingredientes ademas del azucar y la leche, por ejemplo jarabe de maiz.

 Dulce de Leche is easy to make.

Dulce de Leche es muy facil de hacer.

Nestle Leche Condensada - dulce de leche

Leche Condensada is the ingredient you will need to make dulce de leche.

First you need to buy a can of condensed milk. You probably want to use an old pot to boil it in.

Primero compra una lata de leche condensada.  Probablemente quiera usar una vieja cacerola para hervir la lata.

Boil  the can of condensed milk for two hours making sure to keep the can submerged under the boiling water throughout the process.

Can of Condensed Milk in a Pot of Boiling Water

You probably want to use an old pot

Hierva la lata por dos horas cuidando que este siempre sumergida en el agua hirviendo durante la coccion.

Afterwards use a can opener to get to the dulce de leche and have a glass jar or some kind of container handy to transfer it into.

Luego abra la lata de dulce de leche y tenga listo un pote de vidrio o similar para poner el dulce alli.

Dulce de leche - freshly opened can

Fresh dulce de leche

In Argentina, banana and dulce de leche is a classic.  Dulce de leche is a little bit sweet for us so we mix it with home made yogurt.

En Argentina, banana con dulce de leche es un clasico.  Como el dulce de leche es un poco empalagoso para nosotros lo mezclamos con yogurt casero.

Home made yogurt, home made dulce de leche, and banana

Mix and serve. Yum!

Dulce de leche - banana - yogurt

Dulce de leche with yogurt and banana

Mezcla y servir. Que rico!

Lacteos Lunes

Sometimes I shop at large retailers such as Walmart or Carrefour.  Although I haven’t seen any hard facts to back up my assertions I will share what I believe to be most large retailers basic strategy.  They sell some products below cost to get you in the door so that they can therefore sell most of their other products at a profit.  This is referred to as a loss leader pricing strategy.  I think their strategy centers around the fact that most people just do not have the time or the inclination to check prices and shop around.


I buy my dairy products at Carrefour on Mondays – “Lacteos Lunes” – where they give customers a coupon for a 30% discount on their next visit.  It is the best deal on dairy that I have found in Buenos Aires so far.